About Dogs’ Den

I set up Dogs’ Den with a very clear vision in mind, to help deepen the relationship between dogs and their owners.

In order to achieve the vision of deepening relationships between dogs and their owners, Dogs’ Den has been set up to provide a positive, safe and friendly environment to ensure that every dog has the opportunity to live a life full of happiness, fun and companionship.

To compliment this, I work closely with owners to help them really understand their dogs and support their development, so that they can experience the unconditional love and friendship that only a pet can give.

My passion for dogs extends all the way from my childhood days through to my recent education, having been training in Dog Psychology. Working with dogs and their owners is my lifelong ambition and I have developed 2 core services: Doggie Daycare and Training and to ensure that Dogs’ Den can deliver my vision.

I’m sure you share my passion for dogs and want your loved ones to experience the simple pleasures in life, so feel free to browse the site and I would love to hear from you in due course.

Best Wishes,
Sherry Lemke


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