About Me

Hi! My name is Sherry Lemke and I am the founder of Dogs’ Den. I grew up in Northern Ontario, Canada and was surrounded by dogs my entire life. Although I spent the majority of my life caring for my dogs (Spok a dedicated & loyal pure breed German Shepherd, Luba a loving & tender rescue dog of which his breed was unknown, Ansel a curious & light hearted pure breed Siberian Husky and my baby Orien, who was convinced he was human, a rescue dog consisting of part Labrador & Husky) it wasn’t until I moved to London, United Kingdom 10 years ago that I realised my true passion was to work with dogs.

And so following a successful career in recruitment & human resource management, my journey began in 2007 when I signed up to the Animal Care College to study the fundamentals to Understanding The Family Dog. This course added to my self taught knowledge of dog behaviour & caring for a family dog by providing the basic understanding to the evolution of the dog, the needs for different breeds, how theories have changed, natural behaviours of the dog, the dog’s senses, communication, basic training, normal & abnormal behaviour, as well as health diets and the effects it has on dogs.

I am proud to admit that I received a distinction in my course and I was encouraged to further my knowledge in canine psychology. Canine psychology has provided me with sound concepts & understanding of natural behaviours from pack rules to the more modern view around early learning, positive reinforcement and fun & games. It has helped me understand how early influences, stages of puppyhood, health effects and human communication vs. dog communication can affect a dogs behviour and so I have now made it my mission to educate owners and help deepen the relationship they have with their dogs through training, interactive exercise & play as well as communication.

I intend to continue with my extensive personal development in canine psychology and continue to study through books, dvd’s of all the latest dog training techniques, seminars and online classes, so that I may bring you and your lovable companion innovative ways to spend your time together and learn from each other.


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