Fun Games To Play With Your Dog On A Walk

Do you ever get tired of walking your dog?  Well, chances are that your dog may get a little bored, too.  If you are taking the same route every day he may start to lose interest in his walks.  But you can make your outings fun again if you put your mind to it.  There are some things you can do to stimulate your dog’s mind and encourage some extra physical exercise.  Here’s how.

First of all, try varying your walks.  You may have your favorite places to visit, but why not go somewhere different?  There may be a new duck pond to see or some new flowers to view.  Your dog enjoys seeing new places and things as much as you do.  Live a little!  Vary your routine.

Second, Take a ball with you.  It’s even better if it’s one of your dog’s favorite toys.  This works best if your dog is reliable off-leash or if you’re visiting a park or other area where dogs can’t run off.  Try throwing the ball for your dog and playing a game of fetch when you go out.  Make your walks a time for fun and games.

How about a game of hide and seek?  Again, this works best if you are walking your dog in an area where he can’t run off, or if your dog is very reliable off-leash.  Hide from your dog and let him try to find you!  Of course, most dogs are great at this game.

Whenever you play games with your dog on your walks you should always have a little bag of treats with you.  What good are games without some snacks?  Let your dog know how pleased you are to be playing with him.

You can vary these games with a frisbee or another favorite toy.  Or, try playing football with your dog!  Treibball is a great new dog sport where your dog uses his nose to move a large round ball.  Any dog can play but herding breeds seem to really get into the action.  It’s like urban herding.  Treibball is a great way to give your dog both mental and physical stimulation.

So, take your dog out for a walk and spend some time playing with him.  Most dogs will really get into it.  And, if you have a more sedentary type dog, try taking him on some new and more interesting routes so he can see some new things.  This is your special time with your dog so make it fun and interesting for both of you.

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