Dog Collectibles

One of the great things I love to do is to collect dog things.  Any time I go to a dog show or even a pet store, I can’t resist checking them out to see if they have some interesting statues or paintings or even knic-knacs that I haven’t seen before.  I spend far too much money on doggy items.  I can’t even put half of them up in my house or the dogs will knock them over with their tails!

I like old pictures and new ones.  I’ve bought stationery, key chains, Royal Doulton, and everything in between.  Some of my items are purely junk but I do have a few nice things.

One great place to check for doggy items is ebay. You can find some nice things there. If you have a particular breed you like you can often simply type it into the search feature and see what’s available.  I did that for one breed once and came up with thousands of hits!  So you do have to be selective.

Some lovely bronze collectibles:  <>  Just a random sample.

Estate sales and simple yard sales are also great places to search for doggy items.  You can sometimes find small treasures for a good price.

If you know other people who collect doggy items you can keep an eye open for things for each other.  I’ve had people bring me back a few nice things from trips because they knew I liked certain things.  And I’ve picked up a few things for other people because I happened to see them at a market for a good price.

You certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to have a few doggy items that you like.  I have a breed umbrella that I love.  I bought it straight out of a pet catalog for a fair price.  It didn’t cost a lot but they don’t make it anymore so I’m glad I got it.

I think it’s better to get things that you really like instead of trying to build a fabulous collection, but that’s just my opinion.  I actually wear the sweat shirts and t-shirts, caps and other things with doggy pictures on them that I buy. I don’t try to save them for special occasions.  I guess you can tell that my wardrobe is centred around dogs!

Of course, if you’re very serious about collecting, there are some magazines to help you know what to collect:  what companies, what years, what craftsmen.

Do you collect doggy items?  Do you have a favorite breed or kind of dog? What items do you like to collect?

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