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How To Choose The Best Dog For Your Lifestyle

There are over 400 breeds of dogs in the world today and the Kennel Club recognises some 200 breeds. That doesn’t even take into account all of the great crossbred dogs available. Should you get a purebred dog? Should you … Continue reading

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Puppy Training Games

Puppies have lots to learn when they first come to live with you.  Sometimes people dread training their puppies.  They may feel like they’re not good at training or that training won’t be fun.  That’s too bad because puppies are … Continue reading

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Why Clicker Training Is Taking The Dog Training World By Storm

If you spend much time around dogs and dog people, or if you browse online about dogs, you’ve probably heard of “clicker training.”  If this sounds like a mysterious concept or something that you do with trains or automobiles or … Continue reading

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